Who is Perry Paws

Welcome to Pet Care


Anyone could feed your pets while you are away for a weekend or weeks at a time. But what happens if anything goes wrong while you are away?

We have the experience to manage and resolve any problem that may arise, be it an injury to your pet, or maybe a water leak or even a break–in. We take care of as much as possible while you are away to ease your nerves and worries.

Our family run business has been providing a Pet Feeding and Dog Walking service for many years now and have had nothing but positive feedback since our first ever booking.
Our services are completed around your needs and requirements. We maintain your pets normal routine wherever possible to lessen any nerves or stress for your animal(s) and yourselves.

We have a large clientele who have used us for many years and continue to do so due to our reliability, professionalism, and expertise in caring for your pets.
We have helped many clients with last minute trips, nervous cats and troublesome puppies and we are also willing to work alongside other pet care professionals for more difficult cases if required such as Veterinarians and Pet Behaviorists.
We offer 4 main services. These are Pet Feeding, Dog Walking, Pet Transport and a Doggie Day Care service between 8am and 8pm, Monday to Friday.

Mike Perry and Gertie

Hello, I am Michael Perry

Canine Care Coordinator

For as long as I can remember I have always had animals in our homes. Currently We have a Germen Sheperd, 2 Cats, a Hamster, a Leopard Geko and 2 Bearded Dragons.

At Perry Paws I handle all dog care bookings regardless of which service you require. I am a qualified canine first aiderand a Canine Behaviourist and Trainer. I have worked with dogs for over 5 years proffesionally but have spent my life living and being around them.

I absoloutely love working with dogs of all sizes and colour. Working out whats going through their mind can be totally facinating. Being asked to work with a badly behaved dog and then observing, working up a plan and then putting that plan into action is just the start. But once the plan starts showing progress its absoloutely brilliant feeling.

I am also a Feline Behaviourist and Phsycologist which helps with our pet feeding services so i can ensure the cats are happy but Ellie handles Feline Behaviour consultations.
You can contact me by emailing mike@perrypaws.co.uk

Eleanor Perry and the Dogs

Hello, I am Eleanor Perry

Feline Behaviourist
Small Animals and Excotics Coordinator

I am one half of Perry Paws. I have been working with animals for 10 years in veterinary surgeries. I am currently working in a first opinion small animal veterinary surgery in Greenwich. This has not only emphosised my love for animals, big and small, but I have decided to work towards my full veterinary nursing qualification.

Recently I have gained my diploma in Feline behaviour and pshycology. This is an area want want to advance in and I am always available to request a behaviour consultation to help resolve your felines unwanted behaviour.

I am the Small Animal and Health Care Manager at Perry Paws which means I will feed your pets while you are away or just out on a night out, I will help with your behavioural alterations with your cats and also provide your pets with any medications or health checks when required.

If you would like to speak, or ask me any questions then please do not hesitate to email me at ellie@perrypaws.co.uk and I will answer your message as soon as I can.
Hope to speak to you soon.