Our Services

Our Prices

  • Pet Feeding

    Customised to you and your pets need and requirements.

    Starting From £10
  • Dog Walking

    GPS tracked walks so you know excatly what your furry friend is up to. (coming Soon)

    Starting From £13.50 Per Hour
  • Doggy Day Care

    Doggy Day care is excellent for pups to build their life skills.

    Starting From £22 Per Day
  • Dog Boarding

    24 hour care in our home being part of our loving family enviroment.

    Starting From £25
  • Pet Transport

    Many taxis will charge extra or refuse to take pet at all. Not us. We transport in safety.

    Starting from £30 per hour
  • Microchipping

    Free microchipping if needed for any of dogs in our care. (Terms Apply)

    Single booking £20

Perry Paws Blog - Coming Soon

Regular visits to the vets for check ups are important for more than 1 reason. Mainly that check up can spot early illnesses or bad teeth, but also helps the socialization of the animal.

Congratulations if you have recently got yourself a new furry best friend. But what now? Are your prepared? I will go into detail about the do's, MUST do's and definately donts when bringing home a new puppy.

I'm sorry to say that there are far too many naff pet carers around these days. When we started Perry Paws we knew of a few nurses that done a half decent job. But now........

Being close to our feline friends we do get a bit worried when our cat goes AWOL. He does this regulary. I really wish he would leave a note at least!...

We all have a prefered hospital we would prefer use so why should your pet have to settle for any old vet. What you should ask about your vets before signing up with them...

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Highly trusted pet care provider covering South East London. We offer many services to help give your pet the best life possible..

What We Do

  • - We help with your pets
  • - Advise the right pet for you
  • - Help find lost pets
  • - Veterinary visits
  • - Help with behaviour/training
  • - Medical advice
  • - Microchipping
  • - Vaccination advice